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How It All Got Started

Hi, thanks for visiting Pam’s Touch! I am passionate about teaching people how to avoid illness. I am a registered nurse and worked for many years in an intensive care unit and an emergency room. When I was 25 years old, my father died tragically of colon cancer. I had seen more than my share of suffering when it dawned on me that I was on the same slippery slope. I began to realize that I would become what I took care of unless I made some changes. This began a journey that continues to this day.

For many years I have known that, contrary to popular belief, America is one of the sickest and worst-fed nations on Earth and that the single greatest cause of metabolic disease is malnutrition and the poisons in our food and environment. I began to believe that health is much about nutrients and that dietary change is the core principle in disease prevention. I began to teach others how to look at their own health through a different prism and change their way of thinking. I formed a CO-OP with three other women to provide access to healthy food and to educate people on cooking, gardening, dietary supplements, etc. I developed a line of skin care products, perfumes, and toothpaste that are free of toxic chemicals and preservatives.  More recently, I devised a container gardening system to readily allow people to grow their own food.

Over time, it became apparent to me that there were a growing number of people with an interest in making lifestyle and dietary changes that would improve their health. Many of these people had chronic diseases and often had failed to improve or had plateaued with conventional medical management. As more and more people began to feel better, lose weight, get off many of their medications, etc., others would hear about their success and “want in”. Based on success at the local level, I have decided to offer my perspective to a broader audience through this website. I hope you will find it beneficial.

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