“Every once in a while, a company comes along that is above AND beyond in customer service.  And besides that, you get the feeling “these are good people”, as my grandmother would say.   Lemme just tell you about Pam’s Touch...

It was one of those FB ads, which irritate me.  But “natural and homegrown organic products” caught my eye that day.  I wondered in to read some comments...  Kudos for this!  And kudos for that!  And I thought, “okay... maybe...” 

But what caught my eye was someone saying they’d received free samples.  Uhm, HEY NOW.  So being the “shy” person I am (I know, *insert eye roll*), I requested samples, and was very specific on which ones I wanted.  And within an hour, I got a private message saying they’d be sent “2mrw”. 

I left town for a week, but was surprised to get home today and find a sturdy lil box from Pam’s Touch! And when I opened it, I got EXACTLY what I asked - natural toothpaste, and some body balm!

I had been unpacking my toiletries when I got the box, and thought why not.  Well, I tell ya!  My teeth feel like I’d just been to the dentist!  Even the portion behind the front bottom that seems to always keep a chunk of plaque between those teeth?  GONE.

And the body balmmmmmm... ahhhhh... being in the mountains all week left me with dry skin!   The kind that when you scratch you leave a scrape mark that can’t be rubbed away?   So I opened this balm and put the tiniest amount on cause I didn’t want my arm to be a slippery slope!  So cool to almost watch this just SOAK into my skin... niiiice!

So.  If you’re looking for some good people, and some good natural products, check them out!  (NOPE.  Not paid NOR requested to say thing about this... just simply sharing so you might enjoy the products too.)”


August 11, 2020


I only really wanted the toothpaste, I'm all about great toothpaste, you know the English and their bad teeth!! but I included the 3 samples just for curiosity and it was inexpensive.  While I loved the toothpaste, I put on the orange goo followed by the clay cream, and just the tiniest amount since there wasn't much of it!!  I have to to tell you I looked younger than the moment before, was it the glow? did it magically plump up my skin? who knows, I only know that as soon as I used these two I looked years better......and that's priceless.  So now out goes all the stuff, even the Indian Avuya that I loved.

H. O.

July 22, 2020


I just had a visit with my dentist. I had no plaque and no gingivitis. The hygienist told me I had no bleeding when she cleaned my teeth. She was amazed. I told her I have been using Pam’s Touch Pearl toothpaste. She had never heard of it. She wrote it down and said she was going to look for it online. Thank you so much! At 60 years old, most people have at least some gingivitis. I will continue to use Pam’s Touch Pearl Toothpaste.



      Oh my, oh my!  I was like a little kid, watching for the mail every day, anticipating trying your organic mint toothpaste.  It came yesterday and I am already in love.  My teeth even felt fresher when I woke up this morning.  WOW!!!  I have to get some more ordered, I can't run out, EVER!!!  Thank you!  

R.  Trobridge

January 8, 2020



         I received my order of Teethpaste yesterday and was over the moon.   I am a hospice nurse and see illness first hand and I am on a quest to heal and care for my body with wholesome ingredients.  Up to this point, I have been experimenting with tooth powders as I wanted to move away from toothpaste in plastic tubes with unnecessary ingredients.  Though they worked, the powders were a chore and seemed lackluster.  While on Facebook, I ran across your ad and decided to give your product a go.  I am so impressed with your product and will spread the word.  My mouth feels refreshed and clean.  Like other testimonials, it really feels like I just had a cleaning at the dentist.  Thank you for all that you do and keep up the excellent work.

Amy Law-Rydberg

January 3, 2020



     I have been searching for years for a good, fluoride free toothpaste with tartar and plaque control. Search no more- try Pam’s Pearl Teethpaste! After only using the teethpaste for 2.5 months- when I had my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago, there was hardly any blood on the small gauze pad the hygienist used! And barely any tartar! So I am hooked on Pam’s Teethpaste! Next I’ll report on my husbands results in a few months from now.

Carol Knapp

December 25,2019


PEARL TEETHPASTE                                                                                                                                                                                          This stuff is pretty incredible!  I received a sample at the Mineola Antiques Fair last week.   My "yellowed" teeth became amazingly so much whiter after use of 4-5 times!  I, too, am a BSN RN--and I'm pretty critical of "claims"--this is the real deal and I'm not being compensated for anything!  Great stuff!!                                                                                                                                                          Chris                                                                                                        

October 18, 2019



     I have used traditional toothpastes like Crest and Colgate my entire life. I never considered changing to an alternative toothpaste, let alone one without fluoride . My son is into healthy foods and natural products. He happened to run across a product called Pearl Teethpaste on Facebook. He received a free sample and liked it so much that he suggested I give it a try. I must say that it wasn’t what I was used to—it looked different, tasted different, even smelled different. And it came in a glass jar. But my son told me about the health benefits so I figured why not use it for a few days. Guess what? I’ve now been using it for six months. It didn’t take long to adapt to the texture and taste, so much so that I have no desire to go back to traditional toothpaste. I am amazed at how clean my teeth feel after brushing. I have always had extremely sensitive gums and they frequently bleed when I brush. I’ve used sensitive toothbrushes as well as enamel sensitive toothpaste. Although these things have helped to some degree, I no longer have this problem. Every time I go to the dentist now, instead of the awkward exchange about how I need to brush better (and I know I’m a great brusher!), I get to hear about how good my teeth and gums look! And one more thing. When I order a 4 oz. jar, I pay $12 for the Teethpaste and about $3 for shipping. A jar lasts me about a month (brushing twice a day). Given the quality of the ingredients and the fact that it is homemade, I believe this is a fair price.

    • Debra Rogers



I was given the Orange Goo (youth serum) and Clay Cream as a gift.  I am a 57 yo, advanced metastatic breast cancer stage 3C survivor, and the treatment to cure my cancer has had a significant negative impact on my skin and health.  Your products are amazing!  I have tried so many skin care products, but yours are the first to have made a positive impact on my skin.  My family, friends, and fellow teachers have all noticed the changes in my skin.  Diminished wrinkles, brighter skin tone, and a glow I have not had in years!  Thank you for these wonderful products!  They will now be a permanent part of my daily life!  I appreciate you and your wonderful products! 

—Linda N. Coffman   February 24, 2019


“The pearl toothpaste by pamstouch.net is the best natural toothpaste I’ve ever used.  Feels like I just had my teeth cleaned every time I use it.”

—Stacey Russell


I’ve been using Pearl Teethpaste for 2 years. I can tell my teeth are whiter and cleaner. I would recommend Teethpaste to anyone of any age.

Jake Cowley (Organic Pearl Teethpaste)



Pam’s Pearl Teethpaste is my favorite. Pam has thoughtfully and scientifically produced a fabulous toothpaste.

- Stuart Nunnally DDS, MS, NMD

Dr. Nunnally speaking at Pam’s “Green-Smoothie Group” in Shreveport LA:

Warning on a box of toothpaste:

“Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age.  If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center” right away.”


I have been SAVED by Pam’s Teethpaste!  Several years ago, my mouth started “peeling”.  I could not figure out why, and finally my dentist said that I was probably allergic to toothpaste!  Never heard of such a thing.  He recommended I brush with baking soda, and see if the peeling would stop.  It did, but my mouth never felt “clean” or refreshed.  I then tried many types of toothpaste…”natural” toothpaste, “sensitive” toothpaste, and the peeling reoccurred.

Pam suggested I try her “clay-based” paste for cleaning my teeth, and IT WORKED!!! It is refreshing, my mouth feels clean, and my dentist says I have the healthiest mouth he has ever seen….(in a woman my age!).

Thank you for saving me!!! 

Rebecca Stern, Tuscany Italy


 “Best natural product I have tried!”  Myself and children have been using Pam’s Teethpaste for a while now and we love it.  It makes our mouths feel fresh, teeth and gums feel squeaky clean!!!  As a mama, knowing we are not getting any toxins (including and especially fluoride) via toothpaste is important.  My five year old was having cavity issues and this paste has reversed the cavities. I have tried other natural, non-toxic toothpastes and Pam’s Pearl Teethpaste is, by far, the best.             -- Suzanne, East Texas


 “I just love Clay Cream. It helps my dry skin so much.”                                                                  

—Jenna Adams


 Teethpaste is great. It keeps tartar buildup off my teeth. It keeps my teeth really clean and my dental hygienist always gives me a good report.” 

- Francis Adams 


I cannot say enough about Pam’s products!  I love how clean my teeth and mouth feel after brushing with Pearl Teethpaste.  The youth serum feels amazing, especially when paired with the Clay Cream.  Pam’s Lip Balm is hands down the BEST I have ever used! The Body Balm rehydrated my scaly Northeastern skin in just two applications!  AND . . . my husband loves the perfume!  He is a very picky man.  I can’t tell you how many fragrances I have returned in the past.  I AM OVER THE MOON IN LOVE WITH THESE PRODUCTS!!!!  Thank you, Pam!!!

—Sheena Belanger

New Hampshire


“The list of ingredients speaks for itself!  Pam’s Clay Cream is absolutely moisturizing while totally pure, for I can get this cream in my eyes and there is no sting.  Completely organic!  I adore the earthy fragrance and so does anyone who hugs me 🙂.  Thank you Pam for this gorgeous moisturizer!”

—Trandi Phillips


“I’ve been using Pam’s Pearl Teethpaste for several months now.  I won’t use anything else.  It’s wonderful!

—Brenda Treece


I’ve been using Pearl Teethpaste for over a year.  I just had a very good dental checkup.”

—Dianne B.


This past weekend I met a friend of mine in town.  She said to me “You look so good—are you whitening your teeth?”  I just laughed.  I said no, and told her about your toothpaste.



Cathryn Chaback

“My teeth feel amazing and look polished and brighter.  Also, the ingredients are so pure.  I am just so impressed!”


Araceli A. Robles

”Oh my goodness, this is the best toothpaste I’ve ever used!