My Products

I developed a line of skin care products, toothpaste, and perfumes that are free of harmful toxic chemicals and preservatives. Many of the ingredients found in modern skincare, bath products, and perfumes are dangerous, toxic, or hormone-disrupting. My products are loaded with everything nature has to offer. I have carefully selected ingredients (organic when possible) that heal and protect, all the while avoiding artificial chemicals, fillers, and preservatives. My perfumes are carefully crafted blends of essential oils in a base of fractionated coconut oil. Uniquely different than many traditional scents, they are gaining popularity with people who desire clean products and are willing to think outside the box. Perhaps my most popular product is my Pearl Toothpaste. This high-end product is loaded with everything you could ask for in a toothpaste and avoids glycerin, fluoride, and preservatives. And my skin care products are also popular, ranging from the astaxanthin-loaded “orange goo” to the marvelous skin-enhancing Clay Cream.

My Story

At the age of 25, my father died from colon cancer. At that time, I was a registered nurse working in an intensive care unit. I saw firsthand the consequences of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and many other chronic illnesses. I began to question my education in conventional medicine which had taught me much about disease treatment but nothing about disease prevention. Were all of these problems genetic and thus inevitable? My interest in this subject drove me to self-educate myself over many years. I came to believe that the single greatest cause of metabolic disease is malnutrition and the poisons in our food and environment. I began to believe that health is much about nutrients and that dietary change is the core principle in disease prevention. I began to teach others how to change their way of thinking about their own health. This encompasses not only what you put in your body but also what you put on your body. Ultimately, my desire to lead a toxin-free life led me to make my own toothpaste, skin care products, and perfumes. I began to offer these through my health food store and they have been well-received. Pam’s Touch is the culmination of a passion I developed over many years. I hope to teach and inspire others how to turn their health around.

My Mission

My desire is to educate people on how to avoid illness by living a healthier lifestyle. This process involves a self-evaluation of what you put in your body (food, water, air, medicines/drugs), what you put on your body (soap, perfume, makeup, toothpaste, shampoo, hair coloring, etc.), and what is in your environment. I believe that better health begins with the nutrients we put in our bodies and that we need to make wise choices about what we eat and what we should avoid. Life is full of decisions that have consequences down the road. Each person must decide how they live their own life. I simply want to assist people in this endeavor.