Dentistry and Your Health: The Benefits of Using Natural Organic Toothpaste

I am bumping this blog back to the home page because of the informative talk given by Dr. Nunnally.                                                                                                               

I never really understood the importance of my mouth in my overall health. Sure, I brushed my teeth twice a day, used dental floss, and went to my dentist for regular checkups and teeth cleaning. What I wasn’t taught was that fluoridated toothpaste is damaging not only to your dental health but also your entire immune system. Acknowledging the controversy, I happen to believe that fluoride causes neurotoxicity. My research led me to develop a line of skin and mouth care products that are hand-made and free of toxic chemicals and preservatives. My first product is called Pearl Teethpaste. It is a paste for brushing the teeth and cleaning the mouth. I developed it for me, because there never was a paste on the market that met all of my needs. Pearl Teethpaste gently polishes the teeth (but does not remove enamel). It cleans the mouth with organic essential oils, colloidal silver, Himalayan salt, pure baking soda, and coconut oil of the highest quality. The minty taste is from menthol derived from organic peppermint. Pearl Teethpaste contains no glycerin to coat the teeth. It does contain pure calcium bentonite clay and pearl powder to help remineralize teeth while gently scrubbing and removing soft plaque. Finally, it is contained in glass instead of plastic so when you finish the paste you have a useful 4 oz blue jar.

I want to leave you with an amazing talk by my personal dentist, Dr. Stuart Nunnally. He spoke to a health group that I have led for the past eight years. Please watch and learn, then pass on this valuable information to those you love.


  • A great tip….When your ready to floss your teeth, dip the Dentek or what ever flosser you use into the paste , you will find that the paste will grip to it and will provide a better clean between the teeth , it will also leave just a hint of that fresh paste all day, after this brush your teeth as you usually do.

    Ollie Oliver.
  • I have been using Pam’s Teethpaste for over a month now and just love it. When I am done brushing, my teeth and my mouth feel so clean. My dentist saw a big change in the health of my teeth and gums. I am anxious to try some of Pam’s other products as soon as my finances allow. Thank you for this fine product.

    Cheyenne H.
  • Thank you! The doctor points out many things I’ve always been curious about and have made some of the same conclusions about. I’m curious but not totally informed or educated in all this but I’ve felt that mercury is a terrible substance to use in our mouths. I have mercury fillings and have had mercury fillings cause my teeth to weaken and literally shatter. I haven’t had them replaced because I haven’t known where to go to have them replaced. I also have crowns and root canals. If you are looking for a patient to be a study on different problems, I would gladly volunteer. I am on Social Security and a small pension so I have to offer myself as a case study or whatever happens when a person cannot pay a large amount. At any rate I’m very happy to hear this information. Ive suspected as much for many years and of course learned so very much more from Dr. Nunelly. I have used Pam’s Touch Teethpaste and do love it. I am able to remove quite a bit of tartar that has bugged me for years. Miraculous! My mom had us use baking soda and salt for years so amazed to see Dr. Nunelly suggests it’s use. I like Pams better than anything. I have tried to avoid fluoride for many years as well. I had been using Toms fluoride free toothpaste but now prefer Pam’s. Pam also sent me creams, an inhaler that I love and lip balm that truly works. I will send more later about all the products Pam was generous enough to send me. What a major blessing and I pray you are all blessed mightily for your love of humanity and integrity to follow scripture towards your fellow human beings. God bless you♥️

    Patricia Poet

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