I have had a lot of positive feedback from customers that have used my Pearl Teethpaste and then received a glowing report when they went to their dentist.  I recently received an email from a potential customer wanting to know the "abrasion score" of my toothpaste.  I had never had my toothpaste tested so I decided to have this done in hopes that it would provide some objective evidence about the effectiveness of my product.  

As pointed out in this article from The Journal of Clinical Dentistry (pdf article), an ideal toothpaste should provide optimum cleaning (i.e., extrinsic stain removal) and polishing with minimum abrasion to the dental hard tissues (cementum, dentin, and enamel).  Maximum stain removal ability and low abrasivity are diametric opposites.  Thus, it is inevitable that some concessions must be made in order to achieve a suitable compromise, a fact that accounts for large differences in stain removal, polishing, and abrasion properties of the various abrasive agents used in commercial toothpastes currently available to the public.

The Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) method was used to measure abrasivity, and the Pellicle Cleaning Ratio (PCR) procedure was used to evaluate stain removal performance.  A Cleaning Efficiency Index (CEI) was calculated using the RDA and PCR values.  RDA and PCR are commonly used tests in the oral hygiene industry.  Here are the numbers for a variety of commercially available toothpastes: RDA, PCR, CEI data.  In general, you would like a toothpaste product to have an RDA that is not too high, a PCR that is high, and a CEI that is high.

I submitted my Pearl Teethpaste to Therametric Technologies, Inc. for testing.  It received an RDA Value of 114.92  and a PCR Value of 137.2 It has a calculated CEI of 1.76.  It is instructive to compare these values to those of other commercially available toothpastes shown in the bar graphs on pages 15 and 16 in the linked article.  These values suggest that Pearl Teethpaste has a "moderate" RDA value and a quite high PCR score.  In other words, it is moderately abrasive and it scores very high on in vitro stain removal tests.  ITS CLEANING EFFICIENCY INDEX (CEI) IS AS GOOD AS ANY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET. 

Obviously, I am very pleased with these results.  They suggest that Pearl Teethpaste is very effective at cleaning teeth without being too abrasive.  And this is achieved without fluoride, whiteners, preservatives, glycerin, SLS, STP, and so on.





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  • Loved all the products especially this one
    My teeth were sparkling and felt really clean.
    Did not matter the taste which was good
    Just results

    Joan Persaud

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