Why I Make Toothpaste

I’ve had an obsession with teeth for as long as I can remember.  My awareness of teeth started when my permanent teeth came in.  I was missing my lateral incisors and I had a noticeable gap between my two front teeth.  This gap was so big that I literally could stick a pencil eraser between them.  Of course, in my mind, everyone else had normal teeth and I looked different.  Thus my obsession with teeth began.

Fortunately, my parents could afford an orthodontist in the 60’s.  He was able to correct some of my problem by pulling my two front teeth together.  However, this caused larger openings on either side of my front teeth.  For many years, I wore a mouthpiece that had teeth attached to it to fill in the gaps.  Eventually, this was replaced with false permanent teeth and then capping of the front teeth and eye teeth to make them look more presentable.  Basically, every few years I was having some upgrade done.  I only tell you this so that you can understand how my interest in a functional, healthy mouth got started.

As time passed and I had more dental procedures, I began to have damage to some of my tooth roots which led to root canals.  When one of my capped eye teeth died, I developed an infection in my bone which pressed into a sinus cavity.  Meanwhile, I continued to do what most people do—I cleaned and brushed my teeth at least twice a day with a name brand toothpaste.  I visited my dentist every 6 months for a checkup and cleaning.  I had tartar blasted off my teeth and, of course, it came right back and my gums bled and on and on.

 Finally, in my early 40’s, I had a paradigm shift away from conventional medical treatment (remember, I am a nurse who trained in conventional medicine).  I began to believe that the medical system was flawed and that there was little emphasis on disease prevention.  I started to understand the importance of my diet in my overall health.  I also began to question the proliferation of drugs and how they were touted as the answer for all of our ailments.  You might say I began to look at the pharmaceutical industry with disdain.  Not only did I become anti-drug, I became anti-artificial chemical, especially pertaining to what I ate and what I put in my mouth and on my skin.  Similarly, I began to question everything pertaining to the health of my mouth as I was fearful of losing even more teeth.  (Dont get me wrong—I am grateful to the dentists who kept me from looking like a freak).

                                                 Somewhere along the way I figured out that traditional toothpaste was not my friend and was even causing tartar buildup on my teeth and gum damage.  I began to make everything I used on my skin and this led to making my own toothpaste.  As soon as I stopped using commercial toothpaste, several good things happened.  I had less tartar, less gum bleeding, and less erosion of gum tissue.  I was hooked on these good results and kept pressing forward to learn how to make the best toothpaste for myself.  

  I strongly believe that commercial toothpaste is extremely toxic to the health of your mouth and your overall health.  Stopping the use of a commercial toothpaste is the quickest way to immediately improve your tooth, gums, and bodily health.  Honestly, if you simply brushed gently and regularly with water you would be far better off than if you use commercial toothpaste.  Commercial toothpaste is loaded with noxious ingredients which lead to breakdown of your oral health.  Glycerin, although not necessarily toxic, is present in most toothpaste and helps soft plaque turn into hard tartar by sealing the tooth surface and slowing down remineralization of the tooth.  I used to kiddingly say that this is why the dentist always gives you a tube of toothpaste when you leave a tooth cleaning—he/she knows you’ll be back in a few months to get more tartar (caused by the toothpaste) blasted off.  I’m not saying dentists do this intentionally but it certainly helps their bottom line.  Dentists need loyal customers and, whether they are aware of it or not, toothpaste keeps them coming back.

There is a long list of ingredients in toothpaste that you don’t want to put on your teeth, your gums, your tongue, or your mucous membranes.  These substances get absorbed through the mucous membranes into your bloodstream.  Although the amount may be small at any given time, their effects add up over years of use.  And since toothpaste is really only supposed to help clean your teeth, why would we want to poison ourselves to do that?  And especially since it may be causing the teeth to be “dirtier”.   There is no winning trade off for using commercial toothpaste.  It isn’t doing one good thing for you unless you enjoy the foaming and the taste.  Otherwise, it is a total health disaster. 

So, what are the benefits of natural toothpaste?  Once I started looking at all of the inconvenient facts about dental health and toothpaste, I knew I could come up with something better.  I learned about calcium bentonite clay and its amazing healing properties, colloidal silver and its antibacterial effects, essential oils like peppermint that clean and add flavor, pearl powder that helps remineralize, Himalayan salt as an antibacterial and alkalinizing agent, and baking soda to decrease dental plaque and increase calcium in the enamel as well as neutralize harmful acids.  I learned that coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and anti inflammatory and that it facilitates the absorption of calcium and helps prevent tooth decay.

All of these ingredients work together to clean, alkalinize, remineralize, and remove bacteria.  They actually help you have healthy gums and teeth with no toxic chemical downside.  They do what toothpaste was intended to do—gently clean, polish and disinfect.  My toothpaste uses the highest quality ingredients I can find and I don't skimp.  It comes in a glass jar because I don’t want plastic chemicals in my mouth and in my body.  I don’t think you can find a better toothpaste for the money on the market.  I made this toothpaste for me and now you can benefit from my lifelong obsession!



  • Pam’s “Teethpaste” is simply the most amazing tooth cleaning product I have ever experienced (and I have lived a long time). I ditched the conventional products 10 years ago but Pams stands above all the natural products out there. I love the clean feeling, absent of chemicals or toxins. And after a month of consistent use, all my front teeth have gained a natural whiteness that I haven’t seen since in my twenties (despite using whitening strips). One front tooth in particular had a root canal many years ago and has had brown stains for years. Dentists have told me there is no solution for this. After using Pam’s Touch for a few weeks, this “problem” tooth is now white! Amazing! I’m sold. I intend to keep a good supply of this product on hand, always!

  • I had been tooling for a better toothpaste for years. Before Pams I used a popular glycerin toothpaste, charcoal varieties then found yours. I’ve been having much better results at the dentist. My mouth feels clean, no more bleeding gums, less tarter.

    Linda Polster
  • I have totally loved your teethpaste and am excited about your inhaler especially but also your bath soap .. and got the samples of orange goo and clay cream to check them out. I am super grateful to have found you and your products. i wish you had a tiny sample of your perfume. I can’t wait to get my order and will let you know how it all works out. Blessings and Love to you .. and much gratitude!

    Patricia Sepulveda
  • Have been trying your teeth past the past two weeks, gotta say I am amazed! I even threw away my store bought toothpaste Lol. When I was talking to my son on FaceTime he noticed my teeth! So I told him what I was using and he asked me to get him some.
    Now I am trying samples of the face products and already am in love with them. So I am placing an order for more bigger containers. My friend asked me what was I doing cause I looked so fresh and glowing. I told her about your products and said order the samples and try it.
    I am not a makeup wearing person and yet people can’t get over how my skin tone is so good looking!
    Thank you for your ability to put out this product for us. As for me, you are truly exactly what I needed!

    Judy Apple
  • I love all natural self-care so I’m excited to find this product! I was delighted by the name teethpaste vs toothpaste because i like uniqueness! I was impressed when i ordered and received a text regarding product shipped, this gave me confidence and trust in the company. And i appreciate how quickly i received it! I’ve read the comments and i didn’t have to get used to the taste, i liked it right away! But I’m like that when i use something i know is good for me. Thank you for blessing me & others by sharing your creation and your wisdom❣

    Dev Simpson

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