Pearl Teethpaste (Plain)

Pearl Teethpaste (Plain)

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Pearl Teethpaste (Plain) was designed to meet the needs of folks that can't or shouldn't use the mint-flavored paste.  Pearl Teethpaste (Plain) contains all of the ingredients found in the Pearl Teethpaste (Mint) except menthol, peppermint, and clove.  I would consider it in the following instances:

--if you are sensitive to mint or menthol

--if you are sensitive or have a health concern about using essential oils

--in young children who are more likely to be sensitive to mint/menthol

--on your dog if you brush its teeth

This product contains no fluoride, glycerin, whiteners, or other harsh ingredients that can damage enamel or gums.  It is completely non-toxic and comes in a glass jar.

Ingredients:  colloidal silver, dietary grade calcium bentonite clay, organic coconut oil, organic sodium bicarbonate, Himalayan salt, pearl powder.

Recommended use:  dip a clean finger into the paste and put into your mouth, then brush.