Pearl Teethpaste Mint 3 Pack

Pearl Teethpaste Mint 3 Pack

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Buy 3 jars of Pearl Teethpaste Mint and receive $1.00 off of each jar.                                 

Make brushing your teeth a delightful experience!

This product represents years of trial and error to develop the perfect combination of ingredients to clean, polish, gently disinfect, and remineralize your teeth with no harmful ingredients or over-the-top taste. Calcium bentonite clay and high-grade coconut oil, along with colloidal silver, essential oils, and other natural ingredients work together to give you the cleanest, healthiest mouth you can imagine. There is no glycerin to coat the teeth, no fluoride, no whiteners or other harsh ingredients that can damage enamel or gums.  This product comes in a glass jar.

Ingredients: Colloidal silver, dietary grade calcium bentonite clay, organic coconut oil, organic sodium bicarbonate, Himalayan salt, organic menthol, pearl powder.

Recommended Use: Dip a clean finger into the paste and put into the mouth, then brush teeth.