Pam's Touch Body Balm
Pam's Touch Body Balm

Pam's Touch Body Balm

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High-quality coconut oil, olive oil, and beeswax combine with healing essential oils to hold in moisture and protect skin.  Simple, yet effective!

This oil-based balm has super skin-restoring ingredients that allow the skin to retain moisture while it softens and protects. It can be used as a nighttime facial oil or as a body balm.

Of course, no artificial chemicals, fillers, or preservatives!

Ingredients:  organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, natural beeswax, organic lavender essential oil, non-GMO vitamin E oil, organic tea tree essential oil, organic carrot seed essential oil, organic seabuckthorn berry oil, organic marigold essential oil

Instructions:  For facial use, massage a small amount into clean skin or after applying Orange Goo elixir.  It may also be used on dry skin anywhere.  A little goes a long way.

Disclaimer: Pam’s Touch products contain essential oils which are pure, but powerful, plant oils. Some individuals may be sensitive to certain essential oils. Products should be used at your own risk.