Your Review Could Help Our Brand Grow!

In August of 2018, a valued Pam's Touch customer, DeeAnn, filmed a video review detailing her experience with our "Pearl Teethpaste (Mint)". 

DeeAnn had been using our Teethpaste for 7 months and had seen tremendous improvement in oral health. We were thrilled to hear her story and see how our product was impacting people nationwide. 

We were also thrilled when we posted DeeAnn's video to our Facebook and Instagram pages - our followers loved hearing DeeAnn's story too!

DeeAnn's Review:


In fact, you are probably familiar with this video, no? It was likely one of the first ads you saw in your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed. 

We had tried to market our products through the internet for years. It was DeeAnn's review that really connected our brand with new people.

We have been running this video of DeeAnn as an advertisement on Facebook and Instagram for over a year now! 

We couldn't be more thankful for input from valued customers like DeeAnn!

Now... we need your input! 

To share Pam's Touch with the world, we need more customers speaking out about their experience with our product. 

We have hundreds of positive text reviews on our social media channels, but the truth is that video content is the best way to communicate in the modern era.

Which means we need your video review, bad!

Here is our proposition:

If you've loved our products and feel comfortable enough to leave us a video review, send it to us via email:

In the email, name a product that you would like (any product in our store) and we will send it to you for free in exchange for your video review. 

Please add a line in the email saying "I, *full name*, authorize Pam's Touch to use my video review of *product name* in marketing efforts for the Pam's Touch brand".

Thank you for your support, we couldn't do this without you!