Silver Spray

Silver Spray

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Carry it in your purse or pocket–-it’s a convenient way to “sanitize” your hands when out in public.

This delightfully sweet, versatile product is mild enough to use in the mouth, yet powerful enough to be effective on the skin. Silver Spray can be used as an effective hand sanitizer to kill microbes and germs, yet it is mild enough to be used as a breath freshener.

Ingredients: Colloidal silver; proprietary formula of 7 organic therapeutic essential oils.

Recommended Use: Spray hands to clean and disinfect. Spray in mouth for a refreshing wake-up feeling! (useful when driving or anytime you need to feel alert) May also be used to clean solid objects and to spray the air in your personal space. Avoid contact with eyes.

Disclaimer: Pam’s Touch products contain essential oils which are pure, but powerful, plant oils. Some individuals may be sensitive to certain essential oils. Products should be used at your own risk.