Pearl Teethpaste (Extra Menthol)

Pearl Teethpaste (Extra Menthol)

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Pearl Teethpaste (Extra Menthol) is the same product as Pearl Teethpaste (Mint) except that it contains twice as much menthol. If you desire a more minty taste, check out this new version.  

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Joel Wilson
Awesome product

You can feel how well this stuff works. I use it without water to keep the PH in my mouth hight. The sea salt, coconut oil, and sodium bicarbonate create a high PH base environment. Not using water and not rinsing with water will maintain this environment while you sleep. When I wake up, I still feel a clean mouth with no bad breath.

Maria Cervantes
Absolutely LOVE it!

This is by far the BEST toothpaste I ever used. It's literally helped my gums, whitened my teeth and kept me away from the dentist so far.

Diane P.

I love this toothpaste! My teeth feel like I just had them professionally cleaned- every day!

E. Elizabeth B.

This stuff is THE BEST. It's kind of surprising when you open the jar and see something that resembles clay, but when you read the list of natural ingredients, it's easy to see why this is the most therapeutic teeth cleaning product you can get. Since I started using this, my teeth have lost most of their previous sensitivity to the foods that were giving me pause. I've noticed that my teeth are whiter, too. I won't ever go back to regular toothpaste in a tube. Pam's Touch has given us a gift of natural tooth care without fluoride. TRY IT. YOU'LL LOVE IT.

Linda P.

Love this stuff. Minty taste and all the ingredients are good for teeth and gum health. Better to spend money here than at the dentist.