So what’s the deal with fluoride?  For years we have been taught that fluoride prevents cavities.  This was the rationale for adding fluoride to our city water and our toothpastes.  Most dentists continue to look at you like you are crazy if you believe otherwise.  After all, who isn’t for preventing cavities?  But it’s not that simple.  There is a lot of controversy about fluoride.  To sum it up: (1) the evidence that fluoride prevents tooth decay is flimsy at best; (2) fluoride is a toxic substance which has been linked to a host of health problems; and (3) given this, how can the government continue to justify adding fluoride to many of our city water supplies?

I encourage everyone to educate themselves on this subject.  I happen to believe that fluoride is harmful to our health and should not be forced upon us in our water supplies.  More and more cities are having it removed because it is toxic:       

Here are some other links on the alternative point of view:

And here is a book that may be of interest:

Fluoride The Aging Factor by Dr. John Yiamouylannis

This is an issue that I feel strongly about.  It is the main reason that I developed my non-toxic toothpaste.  



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