Spotlight on Pam

My parents were both from Arkansas.  My mother’s family was poor and out of necessity were farmers.   My father was in the Air Force and I was born in Oklahoma.  As is common with military families, I lived all over the place as a child, including North Dakota, Guam, and California.  When I was ten, my father was stationed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, Louisiana.  It was here that I grew up and went to school.  After high school graduation, I attended Louisiana Tech University.  My first job was at a local JCPenney store.  Subsequently, I attended night school and worked for a local newspaper in Shreveport.  After a couple of years, I decided to go to nursing school and I received my degree two years later.  I went to work on an orthopedic floor at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport.  After a year, I moved on to work in the Intensive Care Unit at a private hospital.  Ten years later, I was burned out and decided to make a change.  I went back to LSU and worked in their Emergency Room.  It was during this time that I met my future husband who was a Resident in General Surgery.  Several years later, we married and had three sons.  I decided to retire from nursing to raise my family. 

In addition to a husband and three boys, I have four rescue animals—two cats (Bandit and Leland) and two dogs (Henry and Bug).  When I am not working at the CO-OP, teaching, or making my toothpaste/skin care products, I like to garden and go antique shopping (think flea markets).  I enjoy cooking and am constantly trying new recipes that are both healthy and palatable to my family.

In my garden:

Spring planting:

Relaxing on my Kubota:

On the road for a high school lacrosse game:

Dining out with my baby:

Horsing around on a trip through Texas:

Celebrating my anniversary by taking in Jersey Boys in Dallas:

Showing off my new kitty:




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