Nutrients are substances used by an organism to survive, grow, and reproduce.  One such substance is magnesium.  By far the biggest seller at our health food store is a liquid magnesium preparation called ReMag.  Why is this?  The primary reason is that most of us are magnesium deficient because of our diets.  While magnesium is important for a number of bodily functions (hundreds of enzymes require magnesium to function), it is an essential mineral for heart health.  Many of the older folks who visit our health food store take medication for atrial fibrillation.  Upon taking ReMag as a dietary supplement, a couple of them have quit having atrial fibrillation and have been able to get off of their medications.  One older gentleman came in our store one day and literally started crying when he recounted his story of how magnesium put an end to his atrial fibrillation.   I have to give a big shout-out to Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle.  She has written extensively about the importance of magnesium to our health, why most of us are magnesium deficient, and how best to supplement your diet.  Eating green plants grown in nutrient-rich soil is an important source of magnesium (please see my videos on how I make a green smoothie).  Unless you have kidney dysfunction, consider daily supplementation with oral magnesium.  Magnesium in a pill form is poorly absorbed so I would suggest a liquid form such as ReMag.  You only have to take a very small amount so it rarely has a laxative effect like you get with Mag citrate or milk of magnesia.

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