I love a great review!

Sherry from Nebraska sent me this review yesterday:

“Every once in a while, a company comes along that is above AND beyond in customer service.  And besides that, you get the feeling “these are good people”, as my grandmother would say.   Lemme just tell you about Pam’s Touch...

It was one of those FB ads, which irritate me.  But “natural and homegrown organic products” caught my eye that day.  I wondered in to read some comments...  Kudos for this!  And kudos for that!  And I thought, “okay... maybe...” 

But what caught my eye was someone saying they’d received free samples.  Uhm, HEY NOW.  So being the “shy” person I am (I know, *insert eye roll*), I requested samples, and was very specific on which ones I wanted.  And within an hour, I got a private message saying they’d be sent “2mrw”. 

I left town for a week, but was surprised to get home today and find a sturdy lil box from Pam’s Touch! And when I opened it, I got EXACTLY what I asked - natural toothpaste, and some body balm!

I had been unpacking my toiletries when I got the box, and thought why not.  Well, I tell ya!  My teeth feel like I’d just been to the dentist!  Even the portion behind the front bottom that seems to always keep a chunk of plaque between those teeth?  GONE.

And the body balmmmmmm... ahhhhh... being in the mountains all week left me with dry skin!   The kind that when you scratch you leave a scrape mark that can’t be rubbed away?   So I opened this balm and put the tiniest amount on cause I didn’t want my arm to be a slippery slope!  So cool to almost watch this just SOAK into my skin... niiiice!

So.  If you’re looking for some good people, and some good natural products, check them out!  (NOPE.  Not paid NOR requested to say thing about this... just simply sharing so you might enjoy the products too.)”

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